“Altum” will invest EUR 41 999 in agricultural land management improvement

Development finance institution “Altum” plans to invest EUR 41 999 in creation and maintenance of property records and task management system over the next three years.

Currently there are more than 1000 property units in the Land Fund property portfolio managed by “Altum”, and it is expected that their number will continue to rise, thus creating the need for establishment and maintenance of an effective and high-quality property management system corresponding to operational volumes. 

At present Latvian Land Fund is storing the information on the properties in multiple databases, as well as using a variety of external information sources, including maps and cadastral information. Due to the large volume of information the data are no longer easily viewable and effectively usable, also there is currently no option of visually comparing the existing and potential property location sites.  

It is planned to create a new system of land property management and map management solution service to support land property management processes, providing geospatial information processing using a centralized database, as well as the Web, mobile and desktop solutions. Implementation of such a unified source of information with the visual property layout is thought to significantly save time on data processing, property evaluation and qualitative maintenance of the Land Fund properties. 

Source of information: LETA