Applications for more precise definition of field blocks can be submitted

From February 7 till April 1 this year, farmers can update their field blocks and landscape elements with the Rural Support Service (RSS). 

The Service has published the landscape registry elements – trees, groups of shrubs and ponds – in registers on its website, so farmers are invited to review the data and submit corrections by April 1 this year. 

Requests for clarification should only be made if the client wants to include an already cultivated area in a field unit, remove uncultivated area from the field unit or add new landscape features. The request to clarify field blocks has the possibility to create a farmer’s block by separating the area under one’s management from areas managed by neighbours. 

RSS emphasizes that it may reject an application for the change of field blocks if the changes concern less than 0.1 hectare or 2% of the area of a field block. It is important to note that the area must be cleared at the time of submitting the request to define the field block – it should not contain shrubs, stumps, last year’s grass, etc. The exact area will also be surveyed in situ. Unless cleared, it will not be included in the field unit, and the area will not be re-surveyed during the season. 

Customers can check their managed land plots in the RSS geographic information system, which collects up-to-date information on agricultural land and landscape features in field blocks. Also, customers can check the data in the Electronic Application System (EAS). 

The RSS reminds farmers that a request to define field blocks is not an application for area payments. To apply for area payments in the EAS, customers will need to submit a Single Application form starting mid-April. When submitting it, farmers will only be able to apply with a cultivated area outside a field block 0.30 ha. 

Source of information: Rural Support Service