Latvia among European Union leaders in direct payment disbursement

In Latvia, 99% of direct payments for 2023 have already been disbursed to farmers, making Latvia one of the leaders in the European Union (EU) in direct payments disbursement.

Austria and Sweden hold the leading positions with 100% direct payment disbursement. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia follow with 99%. So far, the slowest disbursements of direct payments have occurred in Bulgaria (66%), Slovenia (71%), Luxembourg (73%), the Netherlands (73%), Croatia (73%), and Slovakia (74%).

The Director of the Rural Support Service, Ģirts Krūmiņš, stated: “Thanks to the Electronic Application System introduced many years ago and the consultations provided by the Rural Support Service both online and in person, we have managed to disburse 99 percent of direct payments for the 2023 farming season to Latvian farmers by the end of May. This is a very good indicator at the EU level. The remaining one percent of direct payments will be disbursed in June.”

Information source: Ministry of Agriculture