Atbalsts gados jaunajiem lauksaimniekiem uzņēmējdarbības uzsākšanai

Support for young farmers to start a business

From September 20 to October 20, 2023, young farmers can apply for support in the event “Support for young farmers to start a business“. Public funding is 7.48 million euros.

The maximum amount of support is 40 thousand euros with 100% support intensity, it can be received in at least two payments: 80% in advance and 20% after the completion of the business plan.

The purpose of the event is to promote the involvement of young people in agriculture, to ensure the renewal of the workforce and the replacement of generations in the agricultural sector, and to support the desire of young people to farm in order to produce agricultural products or to take over an existing farm.

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Iveta Oša, says: “This is the first round of project acceptance for young farmers in the period of 2023-2027. There are several changes in the conditions for receiving support. The condition for the initial minimum size of the farm is no longer valid, only economic activity can be started. The duration of economic activity before submitting the project may not exceed five years, in the previous period it was two years. The new farmer can take over all or part of the farm, including production resources. When describing the size of the farm, it should be taken into account that the total net turnover in the previous completed year before submitting the project application does not exceed 150 thousand euros. Also, the set achievable economic goals and indicators for each farm are individual. The requirement for registration of lease agreements in the Land Registry is no longer relevant.”

The funding available for this project round is distributed according to the principle of regionalization, taking into account the data on the area declared for the single area payment in 2022. More information about conditions and the funding available for each region can be found on the website of the Rural Support Service “Support for young farmers to start a business“.

Project submissions must be submitted using the Electronic Application System of Rural Support Service.

Support is available in accordance with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027.

Information source: Rural Support Service