Arrable farm in Lithuania

Property type: Investment object
Size: 900 ha
Region: Lietuva

Agricultural land: 980
Distance to the capital city Riga: 100
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 50
Current land use: crop production
Possible use of the property: any type of agricultural activities

Modern and profitable arable farm for sale in Lithuania. Total operating area approx. 1600 ha of which 900 ha owned land and 700 ha rented land. Extensive machinery park and storage sheds. Farm is located in the best arable area in Lithuania. Land plots are consolidated mostly in 3 large blocks, average soil quality – 50 points. Currently, the farm focuses on wheat, rape and bean production. Average 6 year wheat yield – 6.6 t/ha. The farm is for a sale as a single unit.