Property type:
Size: 820 ha
Region: Aizkraukles

Agricultural land: 690
Forest: 80
Other land: 40
Distance to the capital city Riga: 100
Distance to the nearest cities: 10
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 50
Current land use: agriland
Possible use of the property: agriland

This is an offer to buy a large operational farm in central part of Latvia located in region of Aizkraukle. Today there are approx. 1300 hectares under operation. The farmland portfolio is located in a distance of 85 km from the capital city Riga, which takes 1.5 hours drive from the International Airport of Riga. There are 3 good quality motorways leading to the region. This is the location with some of the best farmland in the country due to fertility of soil, development of related infrastructure and farmland is consolidated in large blocks. There are all necessary infrastructure for large volume operation (electricity, main gas pipeline, road, railroad etc.) and machinery fleet to operate current size of farm.