Dikli, Koceni

Property type: Forest
Size: 68.59 ha
Region: Valmieras
Locality: Dikļi

Agricultural land: 3.30 ha
Forest: 63.22 ha
Other land: 2.07 ha
Distance to the capital city Riga: 100 km
Distance to the nearest cities: Valmiera

Properties are located in the Northern part of Latvia, near regional capital – Valmiera and just 100 km from the capital city Riga.
Portfolio consists of 8 land plots with total area 68.59 ha, of which 63.22 ha is forest land. There is a municipality road in good quality leading to the properties.
Today this portfolio is a part of larger agricultural and forest land package and for separate sales, there shall be expected forest separation works that might last approx. 6 to 12 months.