35 000 €

Dikli, Krodzini

Property type: Buildings
Size: 1.65 ha
Region: Valmieras
Locality: Dikļi parish

Distance to the nearest cities: Valmiera - 20 km, Limbaži - 30 km
Building year: 1924
Other buildings: Shed and barn
Price: 35 000 EUR

The real estate “Krodziņi” in Dikļu parish, Valmiera county, provides an excellent opportunity to give new life to this building, by renovating it and developing the tourism/ hospitality business, or implementing other ideas and activities in the building.

“Krodziņi” is located on the side of the asphalted road “Dikļi – Mazbrenguļi”, on the shore of Menčupīte river. The property includes 1.65 ha of land and a large boulder stone building built in 1924, which was later adapted and used as a cattle shed. The supporting structures of the building are in good condition, slate roofing.

The land will be separated from the agricultural land with cadastral number 96520070075. At the buyer’s request, for additional payment it is also possible to separate a larger land block along the river bank. The real estate also includes two buildings (in poor condition) – a barn and a shed. Exchange for agricultural land is possible.