Property type: Farm
Size: 1227.5 ha
Region: Rēzeknes

Agricultural land: 688.70
Forest: 360.30
Distance to the capital city Riga: 250
Distance to the nearest cities: Rēzekne - 30 km
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 30-35
Current land use: agriland/forestry
Possible use of the property: agriland/forestry

This is an offer to buy a large land and forest portfolio in Eastern part of
Latvia located in the region of Rezekne. Rezekne is a city in the Rezekne
River valley in Latgale region of eastern Latvia. It is called The Heart
of Latgale. Built on seven hills, Rezekne is situated 250 kilometers east
of Riga, and 63 kilometers west of the Latvian-Russian border, at the
intersection of the Moscow – Ventspils and Warsaw – Saint Petersburg
Railways. Properties of the portfolio are located approx. 30 km east from
the regional city Rezekne, in Kaunata administrative territory.
Portfolio of properties consists of 1227.5 hectares, where 688.7 ha are
registered agricultural land (according to the data register operating –
429 ha) and 360.0 ha forest land (according to the data register factually 445 ha).

The nature of this region is slopy and rich in lakes, some of which border
the properties of this portfolio. Fertility index of soil in Kaunata region is
about 35 points. For past decade the properties of this portfolio has been
involved in organic farming. Part of the properties are located in
NATURE 2000 territories with some operational restrictions and
compensation payments for these restrictions. Forests are of good
quality and have not been harvested for last decade. There is a great
opportunity to develop a result oriented forestry management plan.