Nereta, Mazzalve

Property type: Agricultural land
Size: 143.78 ha
Region: Nereta
Locality: Mazzalve

Agricultural land: 123.99 ha
Forest: 14.50 ha
Other land: 5.29 ha
Distance to the capital city Riga: 85 km
Distance to the nearest cities: Aizkraukle-45 km
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 35
Current land use: leased, growing crops, meadows and pastures
Possible use of the property: any type of agricultural activities, organic farming

Property is located in the Central-South part of Latvia, in Nereta district, Mazzalve municipality, ~85 km from capital Riga, and ~45 km from the district center Aizkraukle. Property that consists of 3 blocks, whereof the largest block is 100.9 ha, 28.80 ha and 14.80 ha sequentially. Portfolio including 123.99 ha agricultural land, 14.50 ha forests and 5.29 ha other lands. All agricultural land in this block is cultivated with grain crops last 5
years and leased out to local farmer.