Property type: Agricultural land
Size: 289.65 ha
Region: Aizkraukles
Locality: Vietalva

Agricultural land: 272.83 ha
Forest: 1.00 ha
Other land: 15.82 ha
Distance to the capital city Riga: approx. 120 km
Distance to the nearest cities: Jekabpils-35 km, Madona-40 km
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 35-47
Current land use: agriculture
Possible use of the property: any type of agricultural activities

This is an opportunity to buy an agricultural land portfolio located in
Central-East region of Latvia, approx. 100 km to the East of Riga. There
is a new national road leading almost to the property. This portfolio
includes agricultural land 272.83 ha, forest 1.00 ha, other land 15.82 ha.