Sigulda, Malpils

Property type: Agricultural land
Size: 340.92 ha
Region: Siguldas
Locality: Malpils

Agricultural land: 293.91 ha
Forest: 26.90 ha
Other land: 16.21 ha
Distance to the capital city Riga: 50 km
Distance to the nearest cities: Suntazi–30 km, Malpils-20 km
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 50-55
Current land use: agriculture
Possible use of the property: any type of agricultural activities

Farmland portfolio in central part of Latvia, Vidzeme region, situated
just 15 minutes away from the most beautiful town of the Latvia –
Sigulda (also called “Little Switzerland”). The property offers good
soil and climate conditions to evolve successful farming business
staying close to infrastructure of Riga and Sigulda. Portfolio consists
of 293.91 ha agricultural land, 26.90 ha – forest, 16.21 ha – other
land. All agricultural land is used for crop production and region is
generally well developed. There are grain elevators to both sides of
property – in Sigulda and in Suntaži. Currently, all properties are
leased out to local farmers.