Property type: Agricultural land
Size: 26.31 ha
Region: Valkas
Locality: Valka

Agricultural land: 25.03 ha
Other land: 1.28 ha
Distance to the capital city Riga: approx. 158 km
Distance to the nearest cities: Valka-5 km, Valmiera-50 km, Aluksne-95 km
EU Area payment registration: Yes
Land productivity index: 27-40
Current land use: agriculture
Possible use of the property: any type of agricultural activities

Agricultural land portfolio in the Northern part of Latvia, which is located approx. 158 km from the capital city Riga and 5 km from city Valka. Properties are located close to Estonian border. Portfolio consists of 2 land plots with total area 26.31 ha, where agricultural land is 25.03.ha, other land 1.28 ha. Land productivity index: 27 – 40 points. Land plots can be sold separately.