Agricultural land and forestry transactions

Planning of sale and acquisition transactions

  • Investigation of the object and parties to the transaction
  • Market research
  • Agreement arrangement on price and on essential terms of the transaction
  • Development and implementation of the sales strategy

Ensuring the execution of sale and acquisition transactions

  • Drawing up the documents necessary for the transaction 
  • Ensuring transaction security in cooperation with a credit institution and a notary
  • Ownership registration in the Land Register

Agricultural company and farm transactions

  • Preliminary investigation of legal and technical situation of the company, a verification of the key-data and a development of the sales strategy
  • Determination of the value of the company
  • Object promotion into the market and attraction of potential investors / buyers
  • Coordination of ‘Due Diligence’ process of the company
  • Management of the transaction process and negotiations up to the conclusion of the transaction
  • Supervision of the transaction fulfilment

‘Due Diligence’ of technical and legal situation of real estate properties

Inspection and evaluation of properties

Management of agricultural land

  • Development of the most effective management plan
  • Management of rural leases