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Limited liability company’s “ActusQ” website www.agriland.lv privacy policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide information on the purpose, scope, protection, and term of processing personal data, as well as the rights of the data subject during the process of acquisition and processing of data. Personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the Electronic Communications Law, the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable regulations of privacy and data processing.

1. Data controller and contact information
The controller of personal data is LLC “ActusQ” registration number 444103028221 (hereinafter – ActusQ), legal address: Valmieras iela 20A, Cesis, Cesu novads, LV-4101. ActusQ contact information for matters concerning personal data processing: actusQ@actusQ.lv.

2. General Terms and Conditions and Application of the Privacy Policy
2.1. This Privacy Policy governs how personal data is processed (collected, stored, used, disclosed, deleted etc.). Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable living natural person (data subject). An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.
2.2. The Privacy Policy is applied to ensure the protection of privacy and personal data of individuals (natural persons):
2.2.1. customers, customer (which are legal entities) representatives, employees and other users of the services (including potential, former and current), as well as third parties who receive or transfer any information to ActusQ in connection with the provision of services;
2.2.2. ActusQ website www.agriland.lv visitors, (hereinafter all the above – Customers).
2.3. The Privacy Policy applies to the processing of data regardless of the form and / or environment in which the Customer provides personal data (on the ActusQ website www.agriland.lv, in paper or electronic format, or by telephone) and in which information systems or paper format it is processed.

3. Purposes of personal data processing
3.1. ActusQ processes personal data for the following purposes:
3.1.1. Customer identification;
3.1.2. for the preparation, conclusion and proof of the fact of conclusion of the contract;
3.1.3. for the provision of services (fulfilment of contractual obligations);
3.1.4. to verify the accuracy of the data and / or to prevent money laundering and / or circumvention of the sanctions enforcement regime;
3.1.5. for settlement administration;
3.1.6. for risk assessment;
3.1.7. for debt recovery;
3.1.8. for business planning and analytics;
3.1.9. for the provision of information to public administration institutions (for example, for the fulfilment of the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing) and bodies of operational activities if and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments;
3.1.10. for other specific purposes, of which the Customer is informed at the time he / she provides the relevant data to ActusQ.
3.2. As regards to the Customers – website visitors, generally, ActusQ intends to process only the personal data provided by the website visitors voluntarily so that ActusQ can only provide information and / or services to these visitors.

4. Legal basis for the processing of personal data
4.1. ActusQ processes the Customer’s personal data on the following legal bases:
4.1.1. for the conclusion and performance of the contract – in order to enter into the contract and ensure its fulfilment;
4.1.2. for compliance with regulatory enactments – to fulfil an obligation specified in external regulatory enactments binding on ActusQ, for example, to calculate taxes or provide information to competent authorities;
4.1.3. in accordance with the consent of the Customer;
4.1.4. legitimate interests – to realize the legitimate interests of ActusQ arising from the obligations between ActusQ and the Customer or the concluded agreement, or arising from the law;
4.2. Legitimate interests of ActusQ include the performance and development of ActusQ business, including:
4.2.1. verification of the customer’s identity before concluding the contract;
4.2.2. prevention of unjustified financial risks to business;
4.2.3. provision of information and / or services to persons visiting the ActusQ website www.agriland.lv (answering questions, requests submitted through the website www.agriland.lv);
4.2.4. implementation of marketing activities and their analysis;
4.2.5. prevention of fraud or other criminal activity and protection of ActusQ IT systems;
4.2.6. conducting research to improve ActusQ knowledge and understanding of real estate sector trends, as well as to be able to offer appropriate services for the efficient performance of administrative and technical functions;
4.2.7. implementation of legal procedures, for example in debt recovery;
4.2.8. advertisement of services;
4.2.9. ensuring efficient business management processes.

5. Processing of personal data
5.1. Information technology is being used to process Customer’s data. ActusQ uses the available financial, technical and organizational solutions to prevent existing data processing risks.
5.2. ActusQ may authorize ActusQ co-operation partners to provide the required services ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the performance of the contractual obligations with the Customer. ActusQ co-operation partners processing Customer personal data are considered processors and ActusQ has the right to transfer the necessary Customer data to the extent necessary for the successful execution of the specific task. ActusQ co-operation partners observe data protection policy compliant with regulatory enactments and Customer data is used only for the execution of a signed agreement.

6. Protection of personal data
In order to successfully ensure unauthorized access to Customer’s personal information, ActusQ:
6.1. informs and trains its employees on data privacy and protection;
6.2. ensures regular updates of operating system;
6.3. has installed a firewall and antivirus software;
6.4. controls data access;
6.5. uses recognized business management software to store data;
6.6. stores paper documents in closed compartments;
6.7. uses other protective measures corresponding to the possibilities of financial, technical and organizational resources.

7. Disclosure of personal data
ActusQ Customer personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases:
7.1. when the Customer has given an explicit consent to the disclosure of the data;
7.2. when the data must be transferred to a third party within the framework of the concluded contract;
7.3. to the persons specified in external regulatory enactments upon their substantiated request, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments; 7.4. in cases specified in external regulatory enactments, for the protection of the legitimate interests of ActusQ, for example, by applying to a court or other state institutions.

8. Access to personal data by third-country entities
In some instances, the Customer personal data needs to be transferred, stored or otherwise processed in places outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. In such cases, ActusQ shall ensure the procedures specified in regulatory enactments to ensure a level of processing and protection of personal data equivalent to that prescribed by the Regulation.

9. Duration of personal data storage
ActusQ stores and processes Customer personal data as long as at least one of the following criteria exists:
9.1. as long as the agreement concluded with the Customer is valid;
9.2. the data are necessary for the purpose for which they were received;
9.3. as long as in accordance with the procedures specified in external regulatory enactments ActusQ or the Customer may realize their legitimate interests (for example, to bring or carry out a claim to court);
9.4. as long as one of the parties has a legal obligation to retain the data (for example, under the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist and Proliferation Financing);
9.5. as long as the Customer has not withdrawn his consent to the particular processing of personal data, if there is no other legal basis for data processing.
After the circumstances referred to in this paragraph cease, the Customer personal data are deleted.

10. Access to personal data and other Customer rights
The Customer has the right:
10.1. to receive information specified in regulatory enactments regarding the processing of personal data by ActusQ;
10.2. to request ActusQ access, supplementation, correction, deletion or restriction of processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the laws and regulations, to object to the processing of his/her personal data, including the processing of personal data by ActusQ carried out on the basis of ActusQ lawful (legitimate) interests, as well as to request transfer of personal data and to withdraw his / her consent to the processing of personal data.
10.3. to submit a complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the State Data Inspectorate (www.dvi.gov.lv), if he / she considers that the processing of personal data violates his/her rights and interests in accordance with regulatory enactments.

11. Customer’s consent to data processing and the right to withdraw it
11.1 The Customer can agree to the processing of personal data, the legal basis of which is consent, by electronically filling in ActusQ contact form on the homepage, by writing an e-mail, meeting with ActusQ service providers, including co-operation partners, by concluding an agreement with ActusQ.
11.2 The Customer can withdraw at any time the consent given at the office of ActusQ or by sending an application to Valmieras iela 20A, Cesis, Cesu novads, LV-4101, or electronically to actusQ@actusQ.lv. Upon receipt, processing of data, based on the Customer’s consent, will no longer be performed.
11.3. Withdrawal of consent does not affect data processing performed at the time when the Customer’s consent was valid.
11.4 Withdrawal of consent cannot terminate data processing performed on the basis of other legal basis.
11.5 ActusQ communicates with the Customer using the type of communication indicated by the Customer.

12. Commercial communications
12.1. Commercial communications are made on the basis of Customer’s consent or in accordance with the provisions of external regulatory enactments.
12.2. The Customer can give consent to receive commercial material on the ActusQ homepage by completing the Contact Form, by e-mail, in writing at the ActusQ premises, by signing a service contract;
12.3. Consent is valid until it is withdrawn in writing; the withdrawal can be submitted:
12.3.1. by sending an email to – actusQ@actusQ.lv;
12.3.2. in ActusQ office;
12.3.3. by clicking on the automated opt-out (“unsubscribe”) option included in each commercial message sent.

13. Website visits and cookie processing
13.1. The ActusQ website www.agriland.lv uses cookies;
13.2. ActusQ website www.agriland.lv may contain links to third party websites that have their own regulations of use and protection of personal data, for which ActusQ is not liable;

ActusQ has the right to make amendments and additions to the Privacy Policy by making available to the Customer its current version on the ActusQ website and indicating the date of its update.

Date of last update: August 24, 2023